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 +====== Map Sources ======
 +The following map types are available in c:geo.
 +You can change between the map types in the [[.mainmenu:settings#maps|settings]] or in the menu of the [[.mainmenu:livemap|map]].
 +^ Name ^ Description ^ 
 +|Google:Map|An online street map provided by [[|Google]].|
 +|Google:Satellite|An online satellite view map provided by [[|Google]].|
 +|OSM:Map|An online street map provided by [[|OpenStreetMap]].|
 +|OSM:Offline|[[offlinemaps|Offline maps]] rendered from map files in [[|Mapsforge]] format.\\ Instead of OSM:Offline the names of the available map file will be shown in the selection menu.|
 +<WRAP center round info 100%>
 +Currently c:geo does only support Google maps v1, which are not supporting rotation of the maps. Thus all maps are always displayed northbound. We are however working on implementing a newer Google maps version.
-FIXME **Describe online map types and brief description of offline maps, but link to [[en:offlinemaps|]] which contain more details. Alternatively include offline map description here and change the existing link to [[en:offlinemaps|]] on the other pages** 
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