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 c:geo supports openstreetmap based offline map files using the [[|mapsforge]] format. c:geo supports openstreetmap based offline map files using the [[|mapsforge]] format.
-Such files can be downloaded for your area/country from various sources, e.g. [[|Mapsforge Download Server]] or [[|OpenAndroMaps]]. +Read more about how to use offline maps in our [[offlinemaps|Offline map tutorial]].
-With some effort you can also [[|manually create]] your own openstreetmap based map. +
- +
-Once you downloaded an offline map file, you have to store it to the directory on your device as defined in the [[.mainmenu:settings#map|settings]]. If the file is a valid mapsforge offline map, it will afterwards be shown in the  [[ .mainmenu:livemap#top_bar_menu|map source selection]] on the live map or you can preselect the map file to be used in the [[.mainmenu:settings#map|settings]].+
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