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     * [[start#special_functions_and_hints|Special functions and hints]]     * [[start#special_functions_and_hints|Special functions and hints]]
 +      * [[offlinemaps|Offline map tutorial]]
       * [[intents|Using Geocaching related links]]       * [[intents|Using Geocaching related links]]
       * [[nfc|Sharing caches with NFC]]       * [[nfc|Sharing caches with NFC]]
       * [[hiddenfunctions|Hidden functions in c:geo]]       * [[hiddenfunctions|Hidden functions in c:geo]]
       * [[|Send to c:geo]]       * [[|Send to c:geo]]
 +      * [[spoilersync|Synchronizing spoiler pictures from external sources to c:geo]]
 +      * [[notecoords|Waypoints created for coordinates in personal notes]]
     * [[start#faq|FAQ]]     * [[start#faq|FAQ]]
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