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 </WRAP> </WRAP>
-Base directory: +  * Base directory: \\ The base directory for geocache spoilersync depends on where you have defined the base directory of c:geo itself. You have to use the folder ''GeocachePhotos/'' below the [[.:mainmenu:settings#base_folder_geolocation_orientation|base folder of c:geo]] itself. Typically its then located in ''/cgeo/GeocachePhotos/'' on your internal storage if you use the default. 
 +  * Directory structure: \\ The structure below the base directory has to follow this rule:\\ ''/last character of the geocode/second to last character of the geocode/Full geocode/'' \\ \\ Example: If a cache is named GC123ABC, the corresponding directory will be ''/cgeo/GeocachePhotos/C/B/GC123ABC/''
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