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Hidden functions

While we try to make every function of c:geo as accessible and self explanatory as possible, there are still some shortcuts and advanced functions, which you might not find right away.

All of these hidden functions are also explained in the relevant section of this user guide, but for those of you who are already familiar with all the main c:geo functions we additionally collected them here as it might enhance your usage experience:

How to access Function Link to user guide section
Long press on stored caches icon in main menu Will let you directly pick one of your stored lists and open it, instead of first opening the list and then using the top bar to select another listMain Menu
Long press on global filter icon in main menuWill reset the filter (to All caches) in case a filter is currently activeMain Menu
Long press on disc icon in cache details or map popupWill not ask for the list, where the cache shall be saved but instead use the last selection and save itLive Map
Cache Details
Long press compass rose icon in cache details or map popupWhile a short click will start your default navigation, a long click on this icon will start your secondary preferred navigation (Default=Map, can be changed in settings).Live Map
Cache Details
Click on filter notification on map or listsIn case you have set a global cache type filter or a list filter the active filtering will be shown by a filter indication at the top of the screen below the top bar menu. Clicking on this indication will directly open the corresponding filter settings to change/remove the filter.Stored lists
Long click on any icon of the top bar menuLong click on any of the icons shown in the top bar menu throughout c:geo (except the compass rose, due to its different long click function as described above) will show an info text with its associated function. You can use this, if you are unsure about the meaning of a menu icon.e.g.Logging Geocaches
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