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Coordinate formats

c:geo does support multiple coordinate formats as follows:

Format Notation Example Description
MinDecDDD° MM.MMM'N 51° 20.382 E 007° 01.820Degrees and decimal minutes
DMSDDD° MM' SS.SSS“N 51° 20' 22.920” E 007° 01' 49.200“Degrees, decimal minutes and seconds
DegDecDDD.DDDDD°51.339700° 7.030333°Decimal degrees only
UTMZONE EASTING NORTHING32U E 362807 N 5689444Universal Transverse Mercator

The MinDec format is commonly used for Geocaching purposes. For existing coordinates in cache or waypoints you can change the displayed format by short tap on the coordinates.

When using the coordinate input dialog you can select the desired format in the headline of the dialog according to the notations listed above except UTM, which is not yet supported as input format.

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