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Geocaching related links

c:geo will register itself for geocaching specific hyperlinks, so that c:geo will be shown as possible target app, when you tap on one of those links in another app.

For example c:geo will register for links starting with which is used in mails sent by to their users and target a certain cache listing. Tapping on this link in any app and selecting c:geo as target app, will directly open the cache details of the linked cache in c:geo. The same applies for geocaching related links of other geocaching platforms.

When being asked which app to use to open these links, you can also select c:geo as default app for this link type. Afterwards your device will directly start c:geo when such a link is tapped.

In Android 12 Google changed the functionality of web-links. See this FAQ-entry for details how to enable this feature on Android 12.

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