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Waypoints created for coordinates in personal notes

Automatic creation of waypoints

If your personal note of a cache contains valid coordinates (e.g. N50 10.123 E010 34.876) c:geo will automatically create a waypoint from it in the waypoint tab of this cache.

If for example this is the content of your personal note:

c:geo will automatically create this waypoint for it:

Subsequent coordinates in your personal note will also be transferred to a waypoint in the same way and the waypoint name numbered accordingly.

If the waypoints of a cache already contain the same coordinates as found in your personal note, c:geo will not create a new waypoint for these coordinates as it assumes them to be an unnecessary duplicate in this case.

Using keywords for waypoint types

Normally c:geo will define the waypoint type for coordinates found in the personal note as Reference Point, however you can use keywords in your personal note to enforce another waypoint type being used.

You just place one of the following keywords in front of the coordinates:

Icon Waypoint type Keyword in personal note
Parking AreaPARKING
Question to AnswerPUZZLE
Stage of a Multi cacheSTAGE
Reference PointWAYPOINT
Final LocationFINAL

Additionally localized waypoint type names (in the language you are using c:geo) will also work, however as c:geo is available in many languages we only list the English keywords here.

In our example we created the following personal note:

which then automatically creates these waypoints for you:

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