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Migrate c:geo to another device

This pages describes the procedure to take over all your c:geo data from one device to another. It can be useful, if you e.g. have a new device and want to transfer all stored caches and settings from your old to the new device.


If you follow the steps below, all stored caches (including their status, notes, offline logs), the cache history and all program settings of c:geo will be 100% identical between the old and new device. These are usually the main items you want to transfer smoothly to the new device.

The described migration process does however not include offline map/theme files and exported GPX and field note files. You can easily transfer those by copying them from the related folders below the base folder of the old device to the new device.

Stored log images from cache logbooks and pictures from cache descriptions will not be included in this migration as they are stored on a non-user accessible system folder. Those can however be easily restored by refreshing the relevant caches on the new device.


You will need the following things to perform the procedure:

  • A good File Explorer on both devices to copy/move files
  • A possibility to transfer files from one device to another (cable, mail, cloud storage, SD card, Bluetooth, etc.)
  • Two Android devices capable of running c:geo 8-)

Tasks on the old device

Perform the following steps on the old device:

  1. Start c:geo
  2. Go to c:geo Menu → Backup/Restore
  3. Enable the option to include the account data in your backup
  4. Tap on Start Backup
  5. Note down the folder path shown in the “Backup finished” message (e.g. /cgeo/backup/2021-01-02 15-20)
  6. You can now either directly use the Share button in this message to send the backup (e.g. by mail, cloud storage, Bluetooth) or you have to open a File Explorer, locate backup folder (see step 5) and store the contained files at a safe location for later restore on the new device (The files are named cgeo.sqlite and cgeo-settings.xml).

Tasks on the new device

Perform the following steps on the new device:

  1. Install the same c:geo version as on the old device. If the versions are different, the migration might fail or have some limitations.
  2. Copy the stored backup files onto the new device into a folder of your choice
  3. Start c:geo
  4. Follow the steps of the configuration wizard (you can skip the service configuration as your backup contains your account data) until you have reached the screen “Advanced configuration”.
  5. Select Restore on this wizard screen to open a folder selecor
  6. Locate the folder with your stored backup files (see step 2), select Use this folder and confirm by Allow
  7. In the following dialog select to restore caches and waypoints as well as program settings and select OK
  8. (Optional) During the restoration you might be asked if you want to use the folder settings for offline maps/themes and GPX exports from your old device. If you want to use the same directories also on your new device you have to grant c:geo access to the directories on your new device during this step. Otherwise you can just decline to use them and set them manually later.
  9. Finally tap Done to end the configuration wizard

That's it!
Now c:geo on your new device should contain the same caches and have the same settings as on your old device.

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