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Utility programs

This function will open a screen showing apps, which might either work in conjunction with c:geo or can be used to enhance some features in c:geo. You can click on each tool to open a web page with more information and/or download possibility.

Logo Name Description
Send to c:geoSend to c:geo is a browser extension for your PC. When browsing, you can send caches to your smartphone with the click of a button directly inside your browser.
c:geo contacts pluginEnables you to open a contact card (of your address book) directly from a log entry, so you can more easily ask friends for help.
Brouter Offline NavigationBRouter provides offline routing. If it is installed and has the necessary files downloaded, c:geo will automatically show a route to the cache on the normal internal map.
Pocket Query CreatorAllows easy creation (and download) of Pocket Queries centered on your current position or a point selected from a map. Requires a premium membership.
Google TranslatorIf you download translation packages in the Google Translator app, then you can easily translate cache descriptions and log entries in c:geo by a long click on the text (even without an internet connection).
WhereYouGoWhereYouGo allows playing and searching geocaches of the type Wherigo. c:geo can automatically trigger the download of cartridges within this app.
GPS Status & ToolboxYou can use the radar in this application in conjunction with c:geo. It also offers a lot of other GPS-related information.
Bluetooth GPSAllows to use an external GPS receiver to get more precise location data, and you can spare battery of your device.

:!: Please note, that you have to disable the usage of Google Play Services in c:geo settings to use a Bluetooth GPS.
Barcode ScannerThere are Greasemonkey scripts and websites which enable display of geo codes as bar codes. With this app, c:geo can read such geocodes directly from the screen of your computer.
LocusOutdoor navigation app for your phone or tablet. View topographic maps offline, track your route, hunt geocaches, use a voice guide and do even more.
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