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Utility programs

This function will open a screen showing apps, which might either work in conjunction with c:geo or can be used to enhance some features in c:geo. You can tap on each tool to open a web page with more information and/or download possibility.

Logo Name Description
Send to c:geoSend to c:geo is a browser extension for your PC. When browsing, you can send caches to your smartphone with the tap of a button directly inside your browser.
c:geo contacts pluginEnables you to open a contact card (of your address book) directly from a log entry, so you can more easily ask friends for help.
Brouter Offline NavigationBRouter provides offline routing. If it is installed and has the necessary files downloaded, c:geo will automatically show a route to the cache on the normal internal map.
A short guide of how brouter works together with c:geo can be found here.
Pocket Query CreatorAllows easy creation (and download) of Pocket Queries centered on your current position or a point selected from a map. Requires a premium membership.
Google TranslatorIf you download translation packages in the Google Translator app, then you can easily translate cache descriptions and log entries in c:geo by a long tap on the text (even without an internet connection).
WhereYouGoWhereYouGo allows playing and searching geocaches of the type Wherigo. c:geo can automatically trigger the download of cartridges within this app.
GPS Status & ToolboxYou can use the radar in this application in conjunction with c:geo. It also offers a lot of other GPS-related information.
Bluetooth GPSAllows to use an external GPS receiver to get more precise location data, and you can spare battery of your device.

:!: Please note, that you have to disable the usage of Google Play Services in c:geo settings to use a Bluetooth GPS.
GPS LockerGPS Locker keeps GPS signal active when switching between applications and when your device's screen is off.
Barcode ScannerThere are Greasemonkey scripts and websites which enable display of geo codes as bar codes. With this app, c:geo can read such geocodes directly from the screen of your computer.
LocusOutdoor navigation app for your phone or tablet. View topographic maps offline, track your route, hunt geocaches, use a voice guide and do even more.
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