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Attribute icons

This page provides an overview about all attribute icons used in c:geo. The attribute icons are used by a cache owner to describe the attributes of a cache and are shown on the cache details page.

You can click on the attribute section in the cache details to view a textual description instead of the icons.

Most of the icons can be negated if they are strike through like this: (e.g. “Available 24/7” would be negated to “Not available 24/7”).

Not all attributes are available on all geocaching services.

Icon Description
The geocache is located in an abandoned building
Aircraft needed
Available at all seasons
Mathematical tasks need to be solved
Ask the owner for information
This is an audio cache
Available 24/7 (at all times)
Bicycles are allowed
You might need a boat for this cache
Birds might be breeding near the cache
You have to bring your own pen, as there is none in the cache
Campfires are allowed
Camping is allowed
The geocache is located in a cave
The geocache is located in the vicinity of a cliff
Climbing will be required for this geocache
You will need a compass for this geocache
Animals might be present in vicinity of the geocache
The geocache is located in a dangerous area
Dangerous animals might be present in vicinity of the geocache
This geocache is available at day time
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