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Synchronize spoiler pictures to c:geo

Some GPSr devices (e.g. Garmin) offer the possibility to load spoiler pictures manually onto those devices to have them available for offline use. Tools like GSAK therefore have a functionality to generate these GPSr specific offline directory structures for synchronizing spoiler pictures. While c:geo is capable to download and show spoiler pictures online, some users still might want to use c:geo completely offline but also have the spoiler pictures available.

Therefore c:geo supports to synchronize the spoiler pictures using these specific directory structures (same as on GPSr devices):

to be completed

The downside of assigning c:geo with all geocache related links as default is, that (depending on your device and Android version) using the Open in browser function of c:geo might now only open c:geo itself.
Our FAQ describes how to resolve this problem.

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